Powershell Script to change IIS AppPool

import-module webadministration
dir IIS:\AppPools | ForEach-Object {
#Not able to change the pipeline mode through 'Set-ItemProperty'
&"$env:windir\system32\inetsrv\appcmd.exe" set apppool $_.Name /managedPipelineMode:"Classic"
$poolNme = 'IIS:\AppPools\'+$_.Name
Set-ItemProperty -Path $poolNme -name enable32BitAppOnWin64 -value FALSE

About Ramasankar

My name is Ramasankar Molleti, I have been working on various database and cloud systems (SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Redshift, Amazon, Azure) over 12 years, primarily focusing on Architect , Development, Administration and Business intelligence. I hold various Certifications such as Amazon Web services Solution Architect Associate, Microsoft certifications (Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, and Microsoft Certified Solution Associate).
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