AWS Lambda to generate CSV file from RDS PostgreSQL

One of the requirement was to generate csv file for set of queries from RDS PostgreSQL and upload the csv file to s3 bucket for power bi reporting. Powerbi connects to s3 url and generate report. There is no gateway to connect to PostgreSQL instance from power-bi, hence we need to have a mechanism toContinue reading “AWS Lambda to generate CSV file from RDS PostgreSQL”

AWS S3—>AWS Lambda —>SSM—> SQL Server Job

Scenario: Application is running on java and the database is using PostgreSQL.  Application user uploads the data and this data needs to process to analytic server as well. There is no direct access to Analytic Database server that is running on SQL Server on different location. You need to architect a solution to process theseContinue reading “AWS S3—>AWS Lambda —>SSM—> SQL Server Job”