AWS CDK (Python) How to Create EKS Cluster

In my previous post, I have discussed about how to create vpc, subnets, internet gateway, nat gateway using AWS CDK(Python). In this post, we will be discussing about how to create EKS (k8s) cluster. This is requested by many of my followers, so I would like to write a blog to help the community. CreateContinue reading “AWS CDK (Python) How to Create EKS Cluster”

The SQL Server Basic Installer: Just Install it in three clicks

Microsoft introduced the new Basic Installer experience for SQL Server 2016 Express, SQL Server 2016 Developer, and SQL Server 2016 Evaluation Editions. Just three clicks you can get a default installation of these editions. You may check full details here Cheers Ramasankar Molleti MSDN:LinkedIn:Twitter

Different ways to Monitor Deadlocks

Every database environment, deadlocks are common problems and it is important for DBA’s to monitor deadlocks and make sure to prevent them from reoccurring. There are multiple ways to monitor deadlocks Using Trace Flags  We can enable two trace flags 1204 and 1222 to capture deadlock information in error log. Run the below code, this willContinue reading “Different ways to Monitor Deadlocks”

Free SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the general availability of SQL Server 2016 for Windows and Windows Server.  You can get started today with SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition, which is free and has all the features and capabilities of Enterprise Edition (Dev/Test only; not for production environments or use with production data). Cheers Hope you likeContinue reading “Free SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition”

Forgot SQL Server “SA” password? Don’t Worry

Hi Rama, Need your help. I forgot the “SA” password and I am unable to access to SQL Server via windows/sql authentication.  Is there any way we can recover the “SA” account? Hello Vamshi, Yes, we can as long as you are able to RDP and you are a built in administrator to your windows box.Continue reading “Forgot SQL Server “SA” password? Don’t Worry”

How To Change SQL Server Instance Collation After Installation

Last week one of the support team member contacted me for help how to change the collation without re-installing sql server. Team has installed and configured sql server but forgot to change the collation as per the customer application needs. Good thing about this , it was a brand new install Here is how we canContinue reading “How To Change SQL Server Instance Collation After Installation”