AWS S3—>AWS Lambda —>SSM—> SQL Server Job

Scenario: Application is running on java and the database is using PostgreSQL.  Application user uploads the data and this data needs to process to analytic server as well. There is no direct access to Analytic Database server that is running on SQL Server on different location. You need to architect a solution to process theseContinue reading “AWS S3—>AWS Lambda —>SSM—> SQL Server Job”

How to Backup SQL Server Backups to Amazon S3 Storage

It’s been a long time since i posted in my blog. One of the common request i have been asked by my colleagues, friends about “Is there a way to automate backups that are taken on the SQL Server database server running on EC2 instance to Amazon S3 storage?”  Today, I would like to showContinue reading “How to Backup SQL Server Backups to Amazon S3 Storage”

How to Migrate SQL Server Database running on EC2 instance to Amazon RDS Instance

Recently i worked on migrating sql server databases running on amazon EC2 instances to Amazon RDS instances. Starting from 27th Jul 2016 Amazon announced you can ship your databases from ec2 to rds using native backup and restore method. Let’s see how it works. Steps: Assume you have RDS Instance ready with default setting Create aContinue reading “How to Migrate SQL Server Database running on EC2 instance to Amazon RDS Instance”

New SQL Server 2016 Online Alter column

Over the few months i have been playing with SQL Server 2016 new features. Microsoft SQL Server 2016 introduced new alter column with ONLINE option. Let’s explore this. Create a table and insert data    Find what page has been allocated for the above operation. I have used un documented function fn_PhysLocCracker to get the informationContinue reading “New SQL Server 2016 Online Alter column”

New SQL Server 2016 Live Query Statistics

SQL Server 2016 introduce a new feature Live query statistics which allows us to view the  real-time insights into query without needing to wait for the query to complete. The live query plan displays the overall query progress and operator-level run-time execution statistics such as the number of rows produced, elapsed time, operator progress, etc.Continue reading “New SQL Server 2016 Live Query Statistics”


Microsoft SQL Server 2016 introduced new way of configuring some of the instance level setting to database level which gives you the ability to easily make several database level configuration changes such as Setting MAXDOP for an individual database Set the query optimizer cardinality estimation model independent of the database to compatibility level. Enable orContinue reading “New SQL Server 2016 SCOPED CONFIGURATION”